Small business owners often take on all roles in an organization: accounting, marketing, etc.  We have compiled some resources that will offer support to Canadian entrepreneurs and those just getting started in a small business!  We are a Small Business Canada award winning site!

A growing number of Canadians are starting their own businesses - over two million Canadians are self employed.  Although most small business owners agree it requires abundant planning, determination and endless energy, the self employed and small business owners believe the rewards are worth it.   In a recent national survey conducted for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, 92 percent of small business owners were satisifed with their work compared to 82 percent of Canadians in general.

Entrepreneurs find the freedom of being their own boss very appealing, but careful planning is imperative before launching your own business.  Do you have a majority of the following qualities: independent, confident, optimistic, willing to take a calculated risk, patient, innovative, a decision maker, self-motivated, a good organizer, adaptable, goal oriented?   Check out the booklet Minding Your Own Business which is designed to help you decide if running a business is a realistic career choice for you.  Advice on different approaches to starting a business and writing a business plan are also included.  You may also want to visit Just How Ready Are You to Become Self Employed?, a short self assessment quiz from AltaVistaCanada

There are a number of Canadian sites available on the web that will help you get started or provide valuable tips for those already up and running.  Here are some of the best:


  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) - a great resource for those running or wanting to run a small business
  • Business Woman Canada - a business magazine about women for women
  • Canada Business Service Centres - an excellent resource. The CBSCs reduce the complexity of dealing with various levels of government by providing a single point of contact to a wide range of information on government services, programs and regulations. The following are links for the CBSC centres in every province and territory:  [AB] [BC] [MAN] [NB] [NFLD] [NWT] [NUNAVUT] [NS] [ONT] [PEI] [QUE] [SASK] [YUKON]
  • CanadaOne - billed as Canada's small business hub, this site contains a Canadian business directory, events, articles and an online press release builder.
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) -  a non-profit membership organization dedicated to the support of small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada.
  • Choosing A Name - what you should know before choosing a business name in Canada.  From Industry Canada.
  • Communication-Quebec - information about starting a business in Quebec. Also available in French: Fonder une entreprise
  • Employer Link - a guide to Canadian government programs and services to help employers hire young Canadians
  • The Entrepreneurship Centre - based in Ottawa, The Entrepreneurship Centre's mission is to assist entrepreneurs attain their goal of self employment through the development of a new or existing business in the region.
  • GST/HST Information - Should you register for a GST/HST number?  How does it work?  Find out all you need to know from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency web site (formerly Revenue Canada).
  • Guide for Canadian Small Businesses - an overview of your obligations and entitlements under the laws of Canada.  From the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada).
  • Interactive Business Planner - create your own business plan on the web.
  • Internet News Bureau: Tips on Writing & Media Relations - a series of articles on how to write and send an effective press release.
  • iVillage - Work From Home - based in the USA, this site is devoted to information for home based businesses. Includes message boards and resources. 
  • MERX - MERX is an Internet-based, national electronic tendering service designed to help your business gain entry to more government markets as well as municipalities, academic institutions, school boards and hospitals.
  • Profiteer - business always seems to get tougher, but entrepreneurs now have help - and it is delivered right to their computers.  PROFITeer is the online newsletter published by PROFIT, The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs.
  • Small Business Guide to Federal Incorporation - a comprehensive guide to incorporation from Industry Canada.
  • Small Business Magazine - the online edition of Small Business Magazine.  Based in Canada.
  • Starting a Small Business in Ontario - a very useful document from the Canada-Ontario Business Call Centre (COBCC).
  • Strategis - Industry Canada - resources, links, data, stats and much more.
  • Strategis - Small Business Info Fairs - are you researching a new business idea? Expanding your company? Exporting around the world? The Government of Canada Info-Fairs have something for you -- dozens of federal programs for small business and “how-to” seminars.
  • - a network of investors, business advisors and service providers that finance and mentor early stage enterprises; of interest to those looking for angel investors



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